Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Never Too Late

I don't feel bad (note: not "badly". You might feel badly if you were, say, Spock, or someone who didn't understand what feelings are and how to have them) that I haven't updated this blog in a year. After all, no one reads it anyway (not even me :>). And this update isn't exactly all that important but more of a test to see if I can embed video here.

What's occupying most of my life nowadays (aside from tennis) is a little show called "Never Too Late". It actually grew out of a Reader's Theater I started here at Legacy, our community for active seniors, and the idea was to make a comedy about all the things that happen. More or less. In any case, it's taken off in new and unexpected ways which are interesting and exciting but the biggest deal is that it's something I've been doing for over a year, which in terms of my life and commitment is like an eternity (aside from my marriage my basic interests seldom last longer than a month or two -- I have OCD when it comes to sticking with any particular project).

In any case, I've stuck with this project and need to stick with it at least another six months, at the end of which time we should have completed all 13 episodes (right now we've done six). It's a lot of work, but "fun" work (if that makes sense). And, yes to all the folks who ask, I do it all. I don't do all the voices (that's the Reader's Theater group helping me and Annie out) but I record the audio, I draw all the characters and backgrounds (with a strong influence from "Family Guy/American Dad" -- without those examples I'd be dead in the water), perform the animation, and edit the whole thing together. I also sell the popcorn in the lobby but the worst part is having to vacuum the lobby after the performance.

So here's a link to the first episode (to see if this works):

Never Too Late -- The Pilot from Mike Kelley on Vimeo.